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Online Marketing Agreement

Section 7.14 Disposal. Neither party may cede this agreement to third parties without the prior written consent of the other party (whether in the context of an asset sale, merger, change of control or otherwise). Notwithstanding the above, each party may, without the written prior consent of the other party, cede its rights and obligations to an entity controlled by that party or under common control with it. (a) IB manages and manages all online marketing and promotion actions related to the smart1 program as follows: While contracts vary, there are a few points to include or touch in any digital marketing agreement. By incorporating these points, both signatories will have a clear understanding of contractual responsibilities and obligations. Some of the items you want to include are: Section 7.13 Privacy. IB acknowledges that as a result of this agreement, it will be in possession of confidential smart USA information. IB will take appropriate steps to keep this information confidential, including at least the same steps it takes to protect its own confidential information. CONSIDERING that smart USA wants to market the smart car online and wants to hire IB as an exclusive provider of internet marketing and reference services for smart USA and smart car dealers, who would be known as “smart 1” or another name that could be designated by smart USA in the future; (a) Each party will comply with all federal and regional laws and regulations applicable to the performance of this party`s obligations under this agreement, including and without restriction, compliance with all laws and regulations relating to the marketing and protection of data by email and telephone, including, but not limited to, all provisions of the CAN-SPAM U.S. Act enacted on January 1, 2004 , all lists of calls and federal and federal laws governing the distribution of e-mails, whether requested or not. Ib may not access, use or disclose non-public personal data from smart U.S. consumers or a smart car dealership it receives, except in connection with the provision of products and services under this Directive, and IB takes and maintains security measures to protect security , the confidentiality and integrity of this non-public personal data.