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Meraki Maintenance Agreement

Cisco Meraki Returns With the use of Cisco Meraki wireless dispensers, you can set up an exceptional level of connectivity in your business. The Cisco Meraki wireless access point, administered in the cloud, is based on first-class components and is optimized for a seamless user experience. and the user gets faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage and less support needs. In general, all Meraki products follow the same licensing model. The main difference between them is that for all wireless access points (MR series), the license is the same for all hardware models, while for switches (MS series) and range of security devices (MX series), each hardware model has a different license. Example: The LIC-ENT-1YR (1 year Enterprise MR license) applies to one of the MR access points. The LIC-MS220-24-1YR licence (1 year of Enterprise MS220-24) is valid for the MS220-24 model. LIC-ENT-MX64-1YR (1 year license Enterprise MX64) is valid for the MX64. If you don`t agree to these conditions, don`t use the products or click “I accept.” Instead, return your Meraki Go device (in good unused condition) within 30 (30) calendar days from the original purchase date for a full refund. If you have hardware problems, please contact Cisco Meraki Support by logging on to the dashboard (> for help) or calling us. . To request a refund, please contact your Meraki Go dealer.

Your dealer may charge a reintroduction fee. Hf optimization with real-time spectrum analysis enables powerful wireless in dense and demanding environments. . You`ll find some general warranty times below: Once the replacement device has been added to a network, it is recommended to remove the defective device from the dashboard network. The defective device may still remain in your inventory, but until it is currently in a network, it will not be taken into account within your device limit. Solving network problems in remote sites can increase the cost of running critical service. Meraki switches offer pioneering tools for remote troubleshooting, so scaling a Meraki network doesn`t mean complexity needs to be modulated.